The Fairer Sex

Some may debate me, but I'm pretty sure that women are truly the fairer sex. In support of my argument I give you the below pictures of women rocking the hell out of "menswear". Nothing is quite as dapper as a women who knows how to "wear the pants"

All photos by Tommy Ton


It's been a long time....

It has been forever since I have blogged or worked out, but leave it to Agent Provocateur to create something sexy enough to inspire me to start both again.

I love warm weather. I love beaches. I love neon. I could really do all three- almost all the time. I'm gonna take this cute little swim number as a sign that I better get on the ball and start thinking seriously about building a summer wardrobe (and hitting the gym).

I'm think lots of color (neons of course), prints, denim shorts, sundresses, and killer shades... this is gonna be fun!