Hey professor, what's another word for pirate treasure?

Well I think it's bootie....lol.

I've been longing for a pair of Camilla Skovgaard shoes for some time now.
These booties are extra sick!!!!!!!!!!! One day they shall be mine- hahaha (read: evil laugh).
Currently available at Zappos.


Sisters,Shoes, Shopping, and all things Studded

My sister and I share a love of shoes, shopping, and all things studded so you can understand our excitement about her new Penny Loves Kenny studded combat boots she got in the mail today. Perfect for New York City where she lives.

The boots are available now in two colors at Victoria's Secret  along with a plethora of other fun and affordable boot styles.

Today's horoscope... hauntingly accurate

Ponder the principle of “divine belonging” today–the idea that you are always part of the greater whole, no matter how comfortable (or awkward) you feel.


80's/(20) baby

Wedge Sneakers:

Reason number 1,456,789,3456,121 that I know I am a true product of the 80's- I love sneakers with heels!

I know it sounds horrid, but I have been fascinated with them since my youth and still love them now. I found this pair of 80/20's a couple years ago and still love them- the comfort of a sneaker and the much needed height of a heel- I mean how could you not fall in love!

Everyone (including myself) is googoo gaga over the Isabel Marant version seen below:
(photo courtesy of garrancedore.fr)

Not sure if I will be able to get my hands on those, but I will most definitely be shopping the 80/20 collection this fall.


It's Hardy Time

Pierre Hardy for Gap

Yesterday I rocked my denim wedges from the Pierre Hardy for Gap Summer 2010 collaboration.

I  love Pierre Hardy shoes, but like most high end designers, his stuff is mad expensive. One day I hope to own something from his own line( sold at Barneys) or from his collaborations with Balenciaga another brand I love, but can't afford.

Peep these amazing creations for Balenciaga Fall 2010 courtesy of ObsessedwithShoes.com:

The collaborations that Pierre Hardy has done with Gap are definitely much easier on the wallet, but still pretty fabulous. I have these dope khaki suede boots from the fall 2009 Gap collaboration that I plan to put a lot of miles on once it gets a little colder.

Some of the summer styles including the denim wedge are still available at Gap.com! Scoop yours up before they are all gone.


Graffiti Bridge

When you have a day that pretty much SUCKED like I did today you have to remember all the things you are thankful for.

1. Pretty Rad Shoes................. LOL

Stubbs and Wootton Espadrilles


City Ballerinas

So when I am not wearing my new Miu Miu Gladiators I have been wearing these amazing ballet flats from the Gap.

I bought them in an awesome nude color ( not available online) a couple weeks ago and loved them so much that I bought another pair that is exactly the same!

These flats are so comfy- no need to break them in. As an added bonus they come with a little pouch so that you can fold them up and throw them in your purse.

Priced at $39.50 you won't have to break the bank to own a pair for yourself- which makes me love them even more.  Sizes are going fast- I need to snap up a black, purple, and grey pair before they are all gone!

Happy Feet

So I am in love... with my new Miu Miu gladiator sandals. I bought these a couple weeks ago at  DSW ( for an amazing deal $250 vs. the regular price of $540) and have been waiting for summer to arrive in San Francisco to wear them.

Miu Miu Gladiator Sandals

Summer is still not here, but you can't keep a good pair of shoes in the box forever, so I broke these out over the weekend. I HEART them! It took all my strength not to put them on again today after 4 straight days of wear. They just go so well with everything!
Every time I look at these shoes on my feet I get happy even though (sigh) there is no sign of summer in San Francisco and it is halfway through August.

A similar pair is available currently on Bluefly. I would buy these as well if only the budget would allow.

If the shoe fits...

We all have our own unique path in life. The footprints we leave behind can be just as telling as our destinations. Come walk a mile in my shoes...