Happy Feet

So I am in love... with my new Miu Miu gladiator sandals. I bought these a couple weeks ago at  DSW ( for an amazing deal $250 vs. the regular price of $540) and have been waiting for summer to arrive in San Francisco to wear them.

Miu Miu Gladiator Sandals

Summer is still not here, but you can't keep a good pair of shoes in the box forever, so I broke these out over the weekend. I HEART them! It took all my strength not to put them on again today after 4 straight days of wear. They just go so well with everything!
Every time I look at these shoes on my feet I get happy even though (sigh) there is no sign of summer in San Francisco and it is halfway through August.

A similar pair is available currently on Bluefly. I would buy these as well if only the budget would allow.

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