Retail Math Lesson # 1: Recreating Rodarte

Attempting to recreate runway looks at a fraction of the price is a formidable challenge, but one of the most exciting things to do.
I, like many fashion lovers, find myself spending countless hours scouring the inventory of numerous stores to find just the right pieces.

For me, discovering the perfect parts to complete a style puzzle elicits a certain sense of euphoria. For that reason I am starting a new series of post called Retail Math- all about the elements that add up to recreate that runway inspired look or feel.

Lesson #1: Rodarte Spring 2011

H&M WaterAid Collection Dress

Jeffrey Campbell Skate

The elements needed to recreate this look are surprisingly simple- the H&M WaterAid Collection Dress mirrors the lovely blue and white print of the Rodarte original and Jeffrey Campbell's Skate bootie (also available in tan and black) hints at the sculptural beauty of the footwear seen on the runway.


  1. ooh love this! Great idea. Obsessed with JC Heels!


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