10 questions with CanDid Art Accessories designer Candice Cox

CanDid Art Accessories

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Candice Cox, the beautiful, bubbly designer of CanDid Art Accessories. As a budding entrepreneur I am always excited to meet talented folks, like Candice, that share my interest and passion for style. Candice, currently resides in Brooklyn, but has been in the Bay Area long enough for us to spend some time together and bond over things like twitter tutorials, trunk shows, and a love of cookies! When we weren't talking about cookies Candice was kind enough to answer some questions about her personal style, dream vacation locale, and where she sees CanDid Art in 5 years. Peep the details below:

10 Questions with Accessories designer Candice Cox

SS- Describe your personal style?
CC- Funky. Conservative mixed with wild child. There are no rules to style!  

SS- What is you favorite Color?
CC- Orange because it is so bright and bubbly.

SS- Name some other designers who inspire you.
 CC- I love Armor Jewelry and Peace Images. I think their work is so beautiful. Armor inspired me to start making body chains.

SS- Best place to go Shopping.
CC- Necessary Clothing in New York

SS- Dream Vacation Locale
CC- I've always wanted to go to Africa, specifically Ghana.

SS- If you could take 3 things to a deserted island what would they be?
CC-Vaseline because it is so versatile, toothbrush, lighter. I mean you have to be practical if you are on a deserted island.

SS- What is a trend that will never die for you?
CC- Off the shoulder shirts!

SS- What is your guilty pleasure?
CC- Cookies

SS- So you design accessories, but do you have a favorite?
CC- Right now my Material Earlace  

SS- Where do you see CanDid Art in 5 years?
CC- International distribution.  A household name among the fashion crowd with an expanded men’s line of accessories.

CanDid Art Accessories now available at Show & Tell Concept Shop in Oakland, CA. All photos courtesy of CanDid Art

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