Like Burger King Have it your Way!- Jeff Silverman Made-to-Order Shoes:

The coveted for Jeff Silverman

OMG! I think the fashion gods may have read my mind. At JeffSilverman.com the masses get to be their own designer and customize shoes and handbags to their liking.  I could muse on and on about how dope I think this is, but instead here is the scoop from the horses mouth. According to the website the process goes a little something like this:

Have you ever wanted to design your own shoes or handbags?
Have you known exactly what you were looking for, but couldn't find it anywhere?
Are you tired of people telling you what's fashionable, and want to just decide for yourself?
Welcome. You should feel right at home here.
We can create almost anything you want. Once you submit your instructions (via email, Photoshop image or any other means you prefer), we'll provide high-resolution photographs from six different angles to make sure it's exactly what you want. No more than three weeks later, the shoes will arrive on your doorstep. Sound too easy?

Umm.............. can I say awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I have been on a search for the perfect black handbag for like a year now. I think I might test this out and see if it is really as awesome as it seems! More to come.........

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