Food Feature: American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

Some co-workers and I decided to get out of the office today for lunch and went for sandwiches at the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in Soma. I had driven by the restaurants several times and heard good reviews so I was super excited to check it out for myself. I love grilled cheese!

The line at lunch was a little off the hook, but the yummy salad and sandwich was well worth the half hour wait. There were several options on the menu that looked appetizing like the Moscone (fresh mozzarella, fontina, roasted tomatoes, basil-lavender pesto, and kalamata olive tapendae) and Mushroom Gruyere, but I decided to go for the Mousetrap made with cheddar, creamy havarti, and monterey jack on sour dough.

It was great and I definitely would go back again!

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