Macon Me Crazy

Old School Denim Sewing Machine used at Raleigh Denim
Photo via Eco- Chick
This past Tuesday I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit The Curatory, the retail space of up and coming brand Raleigh Denim. I was there for personal and professional reasons and on both fronts it was an amazing trip.

Currently Raleigh Denim, founded by Sarah and Victor Lytvinenko, produces a limited run of a small, but compelling selection of men's and women's fits in a handful of washes. The line is currently available at Barney's and select small boutiques throughout the country. One of the many things that sets Raleigh denim apart from other premium denim brands is that each pair is made by hand in the production space attached to the Curatory. The fabric is sourced just miles away from Cone Denim Mills, the premier denim mill in America. Attention to detail and respect for craft is the hallmark of Raleigh Denim and their well appointed store front serves as the perfect backdrop. Below are couple pics I snapped of the amazing space that houses the full assortment of Raleigh Denim as well as complimentary pieces from other indie brands.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by John Webb who handles sales for North America and Japan, among other things. He recently relocated for San Fran to NC to take on this new gig so we chatted a bit about the fashion scene in the Bay and then we got down to the business of trying on jeans. John, acting as my personal stylist and tour guide, set me up in a fitting room with the 2 women's fits that Raleigh Denim is currently producing.

First was the Union, a classic dark rise boot cut which I loved, but it was the Macon Straight Fit that stole my heart. I normally have an extremely hard time finding denim that fits so the fact that these fit like a glove was super exciting. Even better was the fact that they come in fun colors like Slate, a nice grey, and the amazingly cool white wash pictured below. I ended up purchasing the Macon in Peacock, a beautiful tealy- blue. To top it all off John even hemmed my jeans to the perfect length on the spot!

Can you say AMAZING customer service!

The Union Fit

The Macon Fit

My Peacock Macons ready to be hemmed

I am definitely a Raleigh Denim fan and I can't wait to add the Macon in white to my wardrobe. I would like to say a super big thanks to John and Victor for showing me such a good time.

If you are ever in the Raleigh area the Curatory is a must see. You will leave with a new found appreciation for quality jeans and most likely with a pair of your own Raleigh Denim! 


  1. amazing! did you get to hang out with victor??? alyah, you are making moves and i love it! keep me posted. will you be in nyc anytime soon? all my love. xo

  2. lovely well researched post! COngrats on the feature...

  3. wow, hand made jeans sounds like such a luxury.... a luxury I may *need*

  4. Wow--I didn't know Raleigh was so beautifully run as a company. I'm definitely checking out their line the next time I'm in Barney's.