Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

I am not naturally the most extroverted person. I love people, but feel much more comfortable one on one than I do in a huge crowd. I prefer the company of a small group of close friends over tons of acquaintances and if I had a choice between being cozy on the couch at home versus raging at a club the couch would usually win.

That being said the past couple weeks have been an exercise in stepping out of my comfort zone.
Case in point...

Flying Solo at Madewell

Photo via Refinery 29
After work today I stopped by the Madewell SF grand opening party. I couldn't round up any peeps to brave the SF fashion crowd with me so I decided to go to solo. Although the scene was a bit overwhelming I am glad that I did not drag anyone else along with me. I was able to quickly dip in, say some hellos, then dip out. The store set up is nice so i will definitely be heading back soon when it is a little less crowded and I can actually enjoy shopping.

Personal Style Post

I met Elizabeth of Mission Closet a couple months ago at a blogger meet and greet and she was at the Madewell event tonight. During our first meeting we talked about how personal style post help readers to connect with a blog and how her readership increased once she started sharing more of her own personal style. For some reason her comments really stuck with me and have motivated me to try to share more of my personal style choices even though I kind of loathe taking pictures. The only camera I had handy tonight was on my phone, but I rolled with it and snapped a shot in the mirror to share. I am super in love with my new Proenza Schouler shorts.

BCBG Leather Jacket, Vintage Necklace, Gap Shirt, Proenza Schouler Shorts, Madewell Boots

Pursuing My Dreams

I have chosen to follow my passion and pursue careers in two fields that sort of require that you put yourself out there- Dance and Fashion. I've been dancing for years so I am sort of over the whole stage fright thing. After years of performing the theater is my safe space where I am free to express myself completely. If only I felt that comfortable off the stage....

Outside of dance I have the most fun expressing myself through fashion. My love of fashion and the opportunity it presents for self expression and self definition is part of the reason I decided to open a clothing store. My hope is that Show and Tell, as the name suggest, will allow customers to find the pieces that represent who they are and what they stand for so they can proudly present themselves to the world.

Over the next few weeks I plan to share more about my journey as Show and Tell gets off the ground and of course more about my style along the way.

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