30 day blogging challenge

I have to admit I have been in a bit of a blogging rut. While there are various ideas that have been swimming around in my head for weeks none of them have made their way onto the page. In an effort to get me out of this rut and back on track with my beloved blogging I am borrowing an idea from Nicole of StyleBust fame.

Here's a preview of what's to come over the next month:

 E-Commerce stores I shop most often

My favorite color combinations

What’s in my purse

The meaning behind the name “Soulful Soles”

Items on my wish list

Greatest accomplishment today

Favorite band of the moment

A picture taken of me today

Weekly rituals

A book I love

A photo of something I ate today

My celebrity crush(es)

Something I don’t leave the apartment without

Today I donated the following garments

What I decided to do with my free time today

Top 3 Bay Area fashion designers

Today’s playlist

A habit I wish I didn’t have

My guilty pleasures

Things I’d rather be doing right now

A fashion trend I miss

3 of my favorite people to follow on Twitter

A picture of my living room

Top 5 cities I’d like to visit

Today I saw

Bulleted list of my entire day

Top 3 TV shows

What I wore today

DIYs I want to try

3 things that have happened in the last 30 days

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